Through a diverse portfolio of online websites and referral streams is an online platform where Australian Financial Advisers are able to purchase leads for clients who are looking for financial planning advice.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Customer Visits Referral Website
E.g. or
Customer Enters Details
Requesting Contact
Registered Financial Planners
Bid on Referrals
Customer Receives Great Service
Adviser has new Client
How do I know the clients have approved my contact?
Each client completes an online form requesting contact from a qualified financial adviser. The terms and conditions of the website provide the user with full details on how their private information is handled and who their details are provided to. Please review an example of the terms and conditions from a referring website here
How old are the referral opportunities?
Within minutes of receiving the client lead, the opportunity is posted on our website. The ability to bid on the opportunity and contact the client is then live via our auction for 2 days. This ensures that all our opportunities are current and ready for advisers to contact them.